Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Big Bad Wolf

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This was my 2nd oversea project after the previous Vietnam project which i spent 3 years rotting there.After re-joining things has become different in terms of responsibility and workload plus starting to manage more people compare to only 1 last time.But i like what i do here thats the most important of all.

The last time i visit Bangkok was back in 2008 for a week of vacation.After 4 years later Bangkok has changed dramatically less congestion on the road and more building.This only meant that Malaysia for the passed 4 years remains the same without any development going on in the city centre which i could recalled still has the same building count in the middle of KL.Streets are clean,public amenities are well maintain and i even felt safer walking in the streets at night compare to ours.By just looking at the internet connection speed(200mbps and Unifi 20mbps) i already realized we're way behind.Tourist are flocking to Bangkok where Suvarnabhumi Airport was crowded with people and our KLIA hmm.. quiet which is suitable to be converted into a library and this was the first project that i don't felt leaving this place.Its just like Singapore minus the currency!

The good thing is that McD is below my hotel but the bad thing is it will tempt me everyday.

The hotel room hallway is so wide I can drive a car thru

Tv,radio,refrigerator,washing machine,microwave,stove

Bathtub,shower cubicle,hair dryer

Sathorn Tower elevator is so high tech that you don't even need to press your destination.You only need to scan the access card and know where you'"ll be going.

Balcony view of Chao Phrya River

Thai compatible

Sing Beer not Sing-Ha

Office BTS stop

Padthai or Char Kuey Teow in Msia

I need to do my own laundry thats not cool.

Brand new tower where office is located at the 10th floor

List of facilities at the accomodation

Chatuchat weekend market has everything you need to buy

Its huge,very huge!

DHL has a booth here but can ur wallet survive!

Pickpocket faces

Newly open Madame Tussauds with Nicolas Cage

Stacks of public transport

Siam BTS station 

Local bank credit card

Sunset view from Shangri-La Hotel

Every station has a mcD and every place there is at least two 7-Eleven

and of course hawker camp at every train station

work has been piling up until i need an additional chair for my paper

has been feeding on fastfood bcause of all the O.T's

 some room cooked food has been prepared by lead

sunset at Saphan Taksin Station

it became an addiction

Siam Paragon management employed them for extra protection

Japanese culture set in


Central World as the name implies its huge the corridor is at least 150m long

this section of Central World that has been bombed 

panaromic view

background tall one is Baiyoke tower,Bangkok tallest building 

a stretch of walkway underneath the train pillar 

MOS burger has the best fries

a bunch of junk to be tested before i bring back

thai version of banana fritters 

chicken rice

somehow this shop was cursed,you will anyhow come out with a big bag

last weekend of the trip meant shopping spreeee.. 

 on going muay-thai competition

milk tea craze

this pork chop is so tendered that you can cut through as thou its fish!

whats worse than programming,this!4 pieces in an hour..mommy!!

this a replica of the yet to be completed 77-storey Ritz-Carlton Residence sitting next to my office

i don't want this Shangri-La

luggage was full

 frighten me when i saw this at the airport!..i need to carry it up 4th floor when i reach home.

airport was huge compare to KLIA

800m to the gate 

 after 800m you know as usual AirAsia gate is right at the end! +200m

till the next trip which is soon..